Clients of the Clothing Closet

If you are a resident of Greece, NY or northwest quadrant of Rochester, you qualify to be a client of the Greece Ecumenical Clothing Closet.

We register new clients on their first visit, and we update our client information annually. Here is what you should bring with you on your first visit so we can help you register.

  • Current Drivers License showing current address
  • If you do not have a Drivers License, bring something that lists your current address, such as a utlity bill.

We will ask you some questions such as whether there are children in your family, and their ages. We use information like this when our sponsors request that information in order to decide if they will donate to the GECC, and how much.



Shopping at the Clothing Closet

Once you are registered with the Greece Ecumenical Clothing Closet, you may shop with us once per month. Each time you shop, we provide you with a bag that you can fill with items you find in the store. Once you have filled your bag, your shopping is done until the next month.